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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Halo - Otis (aka Old N*ggas)

OTIS (aka Old N*ggas) by Halo, The Artiste

This shit >>>>>>

4 Starchasing Opinions:

Anonymous said...

better than the whole Watch the throne album

Anonymous said...

This shit wack and halo being real ignorant. Thought he was smarter than this. =/

Anonymous said...

Ignorant? How So? he made a few valid points IMHO...like why would you wanna listen to people who rap about things you cant buy?...fuck them old niggas man...

Anonymous said...

I say ignorant because he dissing niggas because they age. That sounds like something a immature 12 yr would do. And dissing cats because you cant relate to them is ignorant too. I can't relate to everything charles say but I still respect him and think he is one of the best. So what if they're rich and your broke, you gonna diss them for rapping about they life? It makes halo seem jealous =/

Calling WTT garbage because its a materialistic album is crazy. Judge for it quality and execution not cause of its content.
And I don't even care for wtt its a 7/10 or 8 at best.

Also halo dissed backpackers when all of these underground rappers including him are considered backpackers so he dissed himself lol.

WiCH Staff