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Thursday, January 12, 2012

"The Book Of Genesis"


1. November 10th (Intro)
2. Outside (Shaleik18)
3. Brooklyn Girls (VintageShay)
4. My Wonderful Pink Polo (Wake Up, Mr. West!)
5. Part of the Game (Mcrichiejambella)
6. I Alone
7. SuperSonicLove
8. My Word (DJBlack8888)
9. Watchu Doin’? feat. Show (Kelechmeifyoucan)
10. Charles Hamilton in the Wilderness (Get Wilder)
11. The Simple Life
12. The Price Of A Boss feat. James Brown (RedRumHell)

Download Charles unreleased instrumental project, HERE!

1 Starchasing Opinions:

Charlie said...

not the right track listing, i thought this really had "watchu doin?" i been waiting for that to drop for the past 2 yrs since that chick posted a vid listening to it to tease us.

WiCH Staff