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Friday, February 03, 2012

Tafie2Much: One For FDA

New instrumental project from Charles Hamilton, released exclusively at thelastcharleshamiltonblog.blogspot.com

01. I WonderAgain (Flirting With Jamarris)
02. NeuteredNeutralizedNesbitt
03. MoneyOnMe (Pat Magan's Locker Room Speech)
04. So Far (Prod. By Sha-leik)
05. Keishana's Wedding
06. 2Years (Sophmore Jinx or Outta Here)
07. SheSoHigh Was About Fatimah
08. Official Transfer (Brooklyn Girls reix)
09. [Bonus Track] My Boo Amber

Download by clicking HERE!

P.S. Where is Chris Rivera? Wouldn't mind a bit of help updating this site, now and then...

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