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Friday, August 14, 2009

EYO!!!!!! EYO!!!!

ok well here we have another 1 ummmm this WILL be on Whereischarleshamilton.blogspot.com Presents Chronic the Hamilton
the tracklist for the most part will be the same minus a few songs and with a few different songs :)

and if a 30 second snippet of any1 of the 3 remaining charles hamilton songs of this perfect life can just magically appear on my blog what 1 would yall like to partially hear the most??

ill end it at 7 votes PLEASE 1 vote per person just leave all votes in comments for this post :)

and here is the track EYO Charles Hamilton Yung Nate n Swiss


Shouts To Nate at http://www.dealwithnodeal.com/
and Chuck at http://charleshamilton.blogspot.com/

but yall should know that BY NOW!!

9 Starchasing Opinions:

ottomatic said...

my vote is for cable in the classroom


Rob said...

3 lb bullet

Money Mike said...

cable in the classroom

AHowe303 said...


ComplexTheMC said...

Cable In The Classroom

Storm Watkins said...

3 pound bullet!!!

Day-Day said...

i havent heard "Baby" neither. where can i find that

ChrisdotRivera said...

ummm ok

lets get the next choice 3 lb bullet or cable in the class

DJ Shynin said...

Cable In The Classroom>>>>

WiCH Staff