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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dead Ass!

Beats Charles Hamilton Headphones Pictures, Images and Photos

ok im a bit late i picked up my beats by dr dre last night...
didnt have a chance to post anything cuz i was in the city..
but ummm any1 who hasnt heard them or doesnt have them
def needs to cop a pair...
they feel kinda cheap so handle them carefully..
but the sound is AMAZING...
it makes radio rip songs sound listenable quality wise.. like it makes them sound the way a cdq song would sound through the apple buds...
umm i didnt get the pink 1s...
thinking i should... idk another 200 for paint??
IDK... but 5 hot songs to listen to through the beats:

Charles Hamilton Charlies Angels
Briana Latrise Two Tattoos
Charles Hamilton Im Good(Bret Heart)
Charles Hamilton MtV2 Cribs
Kid Cudi Pursuit of Happiness

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