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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Well Excuse Me 4 Me Being Myself Its Cool You Cant See Me i Aint Seein Myself

alright the pic basically explains itself...
show read my comment which was some realness.. n reposted it mad dope.. lol
well at least i thought it was pretty cool :)
shouts to sHow tuFli

yall GOT to know him for his music and if not i KNOW yall heard him on chucks shit..
he did the ENTIRE fox 5 series..which is simply amazing...
the production was ALBUM material n the lyrics where GRAMMY material ... show dead did 5 Grammy Capable ALBUMS n flipped em as a series..
but yall could find em on woodys blog

show said new music soon

also yall def need to peeps Yung Nates new track Say Alright(When The Money Goes)

shouts to Nate via http://www.dealwithnodeal.com/ they doing big things yo...

support good music...
listen to these dude they def is the future of music 1 way or another...

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prince said...

a chris where is the chatbox?

WiCH Staff