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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

And Now The Conclusion,,,(Part 2 of 2)

chrisdotrivera (7:11:10 PM): As Reading The Comments People Still Think well Pink that Your CH... What Do You Say To Them
chrisdotrivera (7:11:13 PM): ?
Thizzmakez (7:11:18 PM): fukk em
Thizzmakez (7:11:24 PM): jk
Thizzmakez (7:11:25 PM): lmpao!
Thizzmakez (7:11:34 PM): umm well i say quit pinking
Thizzmakez (7:11:35 PM): !
chrisdotrivera (7:11:36 PM): LOL
Thizzmakez (7:11:51 PM): or believe wat u want,freedom of pinking right?
chrisdotrivera (7:12:11 PM): I Guess...So People Should Believe Your CH?
Thizzmakez (7:13:48 PM): They had the mind to make that assumption,i dont blame them,but im not CH!Just a starchaser who fooled y'all, a girl might i add lmpao!
chrisdotrivera (7:14:19 PM): Lol
Thizzmakez (7:14:28 PM): Watching Entourage,Uknow they had BK girls playing on it b4?
Thizzmakez (7:14:35 PM): crazyyy
chrisdotrivera (7:15:06 PM): Word?
Thizzmakez (7:15:23 PM): yep
chrisdotrivera (7:15:39 PM): Thats wiiiild Thats Because Demev Fucks With That Show Heavy... Do You LIke It?
Thizzmakez (7:15:59 PM): yea,Im a big fan
Thizzmakez (7:16:02 PM): u 2?
chrisdotrivera (7:16:39 PM): I Cant Say I Am... Never Seen It Yet...
Thizzmakez (7:17:07 PM): o,well start now
Thizzmakez (7:17:09 PM): lmpao!
chrisdotrivera (7:17:20 PM): Whats Your Fav Charles Hamilton Song Ever(i know but the readers don't )
Thizzmakez (7:18:20 PM): Shes so high
Thizzmakez (7:18:30 PM): Starchasers?
Thizzmakez (7:18:33 PM): tied
Thizzmakez (7:18:45 PM): Right now im feeling starchaser more
Thizzmakez (7:19:05 PM): 2morrow itll be shes so high watch lmpao!
chrisdotrivera (7:19:25 PM): Lol ... Any Specific Reasoning For The Songs?
Thizzmakez (7:19:54 PM): Just becuase?No particular reason
Thizzmakez (7:19:55 PM): jk
Thizzmakez (7:20:06 PM): just wanted to put that
chrisdotrivera (7:20:21 PM): Lol
Thizzmakez (7:20:24 PM): but umm they're gr8 songs for a party which i do a lot
Thizzmakez (7:20:43 PM): well starchasers is like a big party in your mind
Thizzmakez (7:20:55 PM): and shes so high is just very visualantee
Thizzmakez (7:21:05 PM):
Thizzmakez (7:21:11 PM): gr8 music
Thizzmakez (7:21:20 PM): gotta luv it
chrisdotrivera (7:21:24 PM): Is Mr Hamilton 1 of Your Fav Musicians?
Thizzmakez (7:21:34 PM): of course!!!
Thizzmakez (7:21:42 PM): Isnt he ever1's!
Thizzmakez (7:21:43 PM): ?
chrisdotrivera (7:22:26 PM): Lol Good.. and Sadly Not... Some People Are Going Towards The Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy Craze Still...
chrisdotrivera (7:22:38 PM): They Dont Understand Good Music I Guess...
Thizzmakez (7:22:42 PM): Gucci!!!
Thizzmakez (7:22:54 PM): I luv sum gucci mane belive it or not
Thizzmakez (7:22:58 PM): lmpao!!
Thizzmakez (7:23:00 PM): no jk
Thizzmakez (7:23:03 PM): really
chrisdotrivera (7:23:04 PM): -_- (Shes Not Really a Gucci Fan Starchasers)
Thizzmakez (7:23:10 PM): Yes I am!!
Thizzmakez (7:23:20 PM): Gucci!!!Burr!!Gucci Burr!!
chrisdotrivera (7:23:21 PM): (Sure She Is)
Thizzmakez (7:23:28 PM): Believe it or not!
chrisdotrivera (7:23:33 PM): BURR BURR WELL DAMN BUR BUR OK AYE right?
Thizzmakez (7:23:42 PM): Fav. Gucci song?"Imma star"
chrisdotrivera (7:23:50 PM): -_- MOVING ON.....
chrisdotrivera (7:24:02 PM): Lol When Do You Think Ch Will Be Back?
Thizzmakez (7:24:34 PM): dont hear anything he says in the song but u can def get wasted to it,and i have a feelin CH will return on his b-day
Thizzmakez (7:24:41 PM): In fact Im sure he will
chrisdotrivera (7:24:57 PM): Oh Are You? and Why Might That Be ?
Thizzmakez (7:25:02 PM): just one of those feelings
chrisdotrivera (7:25:31 PM): Lol I Tell People I Have Feelings Like That and They Say Im Crazy So Good Luck After This
Thizzmakez (7:25:33 PM): Do u think Im CH or sumthin chris??
Thizzmakez (7:25:39 PM): lmpao!
chrisdotrivera (7:25:39 PM): Not at All
Thizzmakez (7:25:44 PM): ok then
chrisdotrivera (7:26:10 PM): What Will Become of RihlapseSoon.BlogSpot.com?
chrisdotrivera (7:26:23 PM): It Got Big Quick...
chrisdotrivera (7:26:31 PM): PAUSE!
Thizzmakez (7:27:09 PM): Lmpao!!Umm I will be blogging every now and then
Thizzmakez (7:27:13 PM): 4 sure
Thizzmakez (7:27:33 PM): hey maybe I'll give out sum secret info from CH himself!!
Thizzmakez (7:27:39 PM): Lmpao!!
Thizzmakez (7:27:41 PM): jk
chrisdotrivera (7:28:42 PM): -_- Is There an Email You Would Like To Leave For The People So They Can Contact You?(Now That You Hinted You MAY have Info You Most Likely Will Get Emails LOL)
Thizzmakez (7:29:21 PM): No Im just a buzz starter thats all
Thizzmakez (7:30:01 PM): A moshpitter who raves,smokes sum weed ,listens to gr8 music uknow I live it,and I live it well
Thizzmakez (7:30:05 PM): lmpao!
chrisdotrivera (7:30:23 PM): Youve MoshPitted Before?
Thizzmakez (7:30:47 PM): Moshpitts happen round my school,sure
chrisdotrivera (7:31:00 PM): Wow Around School?
Thizzmakez (7:31:23 PM): Theres a park around my school
Thizzmakez (7:31:29 PM): i go 2 charter
Thizzmakez (7:31:41 PM): so,its easy my friend,easyyyyyy
chrisdotrivera (7:32:59 PM): Lol Nice... Well Is There Anything Else You Want These Ungrateful Readers(sorry people)To Know Besides What They Might Think They Know After Reading This?
Thizzmakez (7:34:44 PM): Just keep supporting CH and dont bug me too much u starchasers,IM NOT CHARLES HAMILTON,AND I GOT A THANG GOING WITH A GIRL OVER HERE SO DONT EVEN BOTHER,AND YES IM BI TO CLARIFY
Thizzmakez (7:34:47 PM): GOD IS GREAT
Thizzmakez (7:34:50 PM): PEACE
Thizzmakez (7:34:55 PM): THANK U CHRIS
Thizzmakez (7:34:57 PM): SO LONG
Thizzmakez (7:35:17 PM): y did i type in caps for so long?idk,so long,lmpao!!

umm today you can decifer without the color organizing ....
interview with a starchaser... Part 2 of 2...

UMMMM that was it...

be on the look out for MELVIN BURCH!!!


Remember Where You Heard That Name 1st(if its the first time...)

im letting him n the world know.. if he does not respond to me by 10\31
The Melvin Galaxy Ep(not official 10 songs and the cover by me UH!)

CHARLES u should be back soon right???...


UMMM Charles Again We All Are Awaiting Your Return....

***And if You Dont Like This Project So Far DRINK BLEACH .. hows that? .. yea***

9 Starchasing Opinions:

~ewp~ said...

haha there ya go chris

im diggin, like joe deer tay



CHuck Taylors said...

I'm a n1gga wit attitude, so rude like stealin' food from a toddler. B1tch I'm ya father, don't bother I'm plain hotter. Wacth n ya mind gets boggeled, never seen competion like I'm wearin' goggles. I'm chillin', the crowns outta ya reach, you mad cause ya girl stay suckin' on me like a leach. Haha, I'm just blackin', stop actin', I'm rapin' these kids, call me Michael Jackson...no homo, solo dolo, get ya spine snapped like a photo.

AHowe303 said...

it's charlie.

localjerk063 said...

@ AHowe303

hold the hell up, i thought i was CH? don't go calling CHuckTaylors CH. or i may diss your ass or rihlapse 2....

AHowe303 said...

localjerk you're the one i haven't figured out yet. but if u got the time u should hit me up on facebook, facebook.com/ahowe303 or email me at ahowe303@gmail.com.

hell, for u i'd get on aim-ahowe0

i think its possible that you made chuck taylors, but i definitely think goodbye beginning is charles. chuck taylors is still up in the air.

~ewp~ said...

chuck tay you say, you steal food from a toddler/ but while i play, you shouldnt bother/ while im deciding if this is really CH, now its your turn on the teeter totter/ bounce it back up if its you, no need for shrugs, just a nod, errr/ maybe when youre takin the bench for this 1/4, the weight is too great, and you forgot a spotter/ or maybe you forgot to blog a lot and thats why i keep my nose stuck to my macbook, no snot/ unless i hawk up a loogie with these sick wits/ so get this/ i rip hits and make em nothin but chip shits/ thats small turds for ya'll nerds/ but really in the words of charles, im blackin now/ keep stackin my memory with CH mixtapes, but lackin havin a real convo with the real guy/ no AHowe/ cause i done that on facebook, take a look/ you say youll snap a spine like a picture/ well i'll shake the apples outta your tree and run off before you go back to the past to find out i had already shook/ no hands, no man, just me ~ewp~, chess match, no rook/ E/ but lsd is what has made me/ who you see freely/ now i be/ dat kid from cleveland, no CUDI/ believe me/ i'll see thee, and raise you 3/ but i'll just sit back and whine, without the C/ H/ but rather wine and dine with some green tea/ but wait, wine and dine, maybe adding some fine/ chronic smoke, with the bind of the mind showing signs of design/ thats me takin time to think of rhymes/ imagine if i had a clock in one line/ hahaha

that last line was iffy but heyyy

if thats CH up there, i wanna hear some more

youre a beast whoever you are

no dissin from me



~ewp~ said...

or maybe tempt me/ im the new emcee/ but never letting up, so get down like breakin up a line of OC/ haha oxycontin/ sick like pox, you soft like cotton/ but ima get off that weak shit/ take a peek bitch/ im gonna really go in/ like im goin/ to the next flow, no sink/ but pink man/ shake my pink hand/ nahh im just pinkin AGAIN/ but maybe i am crazy, like i said it doesnt phase me, cant blaze trees, so i gaze at these, computer screens, and some loser teens, kinda like me/ but maybe i got rabies/ sick in the head, in the mall puntin babies, haha nahh, im just reachin out to CH in this moment of clarity/ please dont stare at me/ cause it can get gorey/ like halloween at Nelson Ledges Quarry/ trippin over doses and mushrooms like i dont know how to walk normally/ but i talk formally, cause from the suburbs ive been dormantly forming see?/ haha

im blackin more than this background/ maybe i'll come back round/ hahah for another couple of bars, i go hard, dj khalid, tpain, i see rain but still feel pain, so please help me walk the rest of the way,, no cane/ just help from a friendly stranger/ hoping i dont enter a realm of empty danger . . .


Anonymous said...

lol chris you're a dork

ChrisdotRivera said...


WiCH Staff