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Monday, October 26, 2009

Interview With GoodBye BegGinning Part 1 of 2

The Following Was an Interview With GoodBye BegGinning AkA The Creator Of Rihlapsesoon.blogspot.com AkA LizBeth(Her Real Name sorry Liz lol)
So We Had Fun.. Not Much Tooken Out...
Very Cool Fun Starchaser..
Make Sure You Hit Her Up!...
Now The Interview(part 1 of 2)

Thizzmakez (6:41:15 PM): ready here I am!
chrisdotrivera (6:41:53 PM): LOL alrighty
chrisdotrivera (6:45:00 PM): I Guess You Could Start By Telling Whoevers Reading Your Real Name.. Cuz To Them Your Just Goodbye Beginning
Thizzmakez (6:45:38 PM): Wait ur asking me in the interview?how does this go?lmpao!
Thizzmakez (6:46:00 PM): This aint q&a?lmpao!
chrisdotrivera (6:46:58 PM): Lol the Interview Started When You Said Ready Here I am!
Thizzmakez (6:47:30 PM): Alritee just keep it then
Thizzmakez (6:47:34 PM): lmpao!
Thizzmakez (6:47:40 PM): keep going
chrisdotrivera (6:48:06 PM): ... Ok... Why Did You Start The Blog?
Thizzmakez (6:49:17 PM): Wanted to spice up the blog,wanted to create hype but most importantly wanted CH to take notice and he did I think
Thizzmakez (6:49:34 PM): Just wanted to hear from CH himself really all it was
Thizzmakez (6:50:04 PM): Not try hurt any1 really
Thizzmakez (6:50:35 PM): if anybody truley belived I was Ch then they need to chill...lmpao!
chrisdotrivera (6:51:42 PM): Lol... Alot of People Believed You Where Him.... Was EVERYTHING You Did on the Blog Planned Out?
Thizzmakez (6:52:15 PM): Planned out?Like all I did was dead on the spot
Thizzmakez (6:52:38 PM): I really kept blogging just becuz ppl started to respond alot as time went by
Thizzmakez (6:52:57 PM): I guess me and CH think alike,Gr8 minds shall I add
Thizzmakez (6:53:05 PM): lmpao!
Thizzmakez (6:53:23 PM): CH if u reading this,respond to mee,please!!!!dead ass as u would say,lmpao!
chrisdotrivera (6:54:05 PM): What was with the Shutting Down of Your Blog and Openong of mnotchucktaylors.blogspot.com/ ?
chrisdotrivera (6:54:21 PM): Where You Involved With That Blog in AnyWay?
Thizzmakez (6:54:27 PM): Haha!!That wasnt my blog
Thizzmakez (6:54:33 PM): I was not involved in anyway
Thizzmakez (6:56:23 PM): I was on mine tryna make it more believable than that one which i did,and whoever did that one did a good job at it,so whoever that was if ur reading this,sorry to say but I got a interview out of all of this,NOT U!!Lmpao!!this is fun
chrisdotrivera (6:57:08 PM): Lol Glad Its Fun.. But Do You Believe That Blog Is Mr Hamilton
Thizzmakez (6:57:26 PM): I guess its possible
chrisdotrivera (6:57:39 PM): What Makes You Think That?...
Thizzmakez (6:58:24 PM): Why not?CH could have been blogging there,I cant prove right/wrong there
Thizzmakez (6:58:36 PM): Unless CH says
chrisdotrivera (7:10:47 PM): But People Could Have Said The Same About Your Blog..
Thizzmakez (7:11:08 PM): tru
chrisdotrivera (7:11:10 PM): As Reading The Comments People Still Think well Pink that Your CH... What Do You Say To Them
chrisdotrivera (7:11:13 PM): ?
Thizzmakez (7:11:18 PM): fukk em
Thizzmakez (7:11:24 PM): jk
Thizzmakez (7:11:25 PM): lmpao!
Thizzmakez (7:11:34 PM): umm well i say.....

Well Tune In Tomorrow Too See What She Has To Say To Whoever Thinks Shes Charles..
Her Sexual Preference...
If Shes Single or Not..
Her Thoughts on Gucci Mane...
Her Favorite Charles Songs...
And Her Thoughts on Entourage ..
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Part 2 Coming Soon

***who is this dude***

7 Starchasing Opinions:

~ewp~ said...

hahaha cant wait for pt 2 ahaha


AHowe303 said...

still think it's charles.

localjerk063 said...

thoughts on gucci mane. LMPinkAO @ that. ima take a quick guess..... she's not a fan.

*lights one up to some Sublime*

like i gotta feeling that Miss Goodbye Beggining does.

Anonymous said...

I think that LizBeth is CH there are too many things that they have in common and no matter how much you want to be or think like a person there is only one of that person adnplus if you go to his/her blog they say 11/10!! U Know!! and the only person that i have heard say You Know on wax was CH when he did it on Twilight of off The dead Zone project.

PrecYse said...

man my diss track to charles hamilton is going everywhere. man y'all shoould listen here it is http://precysely.blogspot.com/2009/06/new-track-windex-effect-by.html

PrecYse said...

ahowe lmao so lame. with yo lame ass name. AHowe LMAO is so a lmao hahahahahaha.

BarelyLegal131 said...

She is not charles. I am pretty sure since she says "lmpao" instead of "lmpinkao". Either way, she did a good job with the blog.

WiCH Staff