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Saturday, October 24, 2009

HMMM part DEUX... (Nakita Nicole Speaks Again)

mZ pRetTy meMoRieS said...

about the shoutbox ----> CH will talk shit about himself anonymously to see who's gonna follow suit. But why the fuck return on some random blog??? I could see him returning on here b4 just some random shit. && one of the words were mispelled.Ive NEVER EvER Eva seeen him spell shit wrong. Have you??? It was too simple and directly mapped out. That blog took you directly from A to B. Ch would start at Z then end at N. && it said something like I hope you feel such about (some shit). Uhhh lets not 4get Ch left not giving a fuq and speaking his mind.

with that said.... id like to let every1 know.. that charles hamilton>>fabolous..

and she knows that...

cuz Yeah... yeah... she love it over here!!!

8 Starchasing Opinions:

PrecYse said...

man chris scary ass nigga. scared to but back the chatbox because of me. just a scared nigga just like charles hamilton. lame ass chand lame ass chris thats ch never coming back. you know why because i just dropped this diss track at ch called the windex effect saying that he sucks. here it is


mZ pRetTy meMoRieS said...

now you are a got damn lie Ch Riv!

CH If your reading this KNOW that I luV you.

BuT U are a damn Like Ch Riv!

CH Over Fab? Fuqn Never!

FAB >>>>>> ch

iM So Loso in caSe you Aint knO so!!!

no one over Fab

**the guy above is angry angry angry***

PrecYse said...

i am angry. because chris is a dumb ass. ch is't coming back. this is why i made a diss tarck too ch called the windex effect. go hear the pretty memories here it is.


NinjaKingRevival said...

uuugh csn someone post the link to blogger chatbox that we were using.....CH kinda made the first page of his blog disappear.

localjerk063 said...


its fuct up cause your flow ain't even that terrible. but i couldn't fuck with ya just because i see comments n the blogs. you just a wack ass bitch deep down in your heart.

get better soon, lame.

Dean Jones aka J.A.M said...

Where you been?
well actually its more my fault.
Sorry i havent been on AIM.
but whats up email me man?
Ive seen u commenting CH's new box on his blog.

AHowe303 said...


PrecYse said...

nigga you been lame since you was born. ahowe lmao lame like you bitch. my flow is good it could kill you. get a life bitch.

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