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Friday, November 13, 2009

The Vibration Institute TVI


ok Professor Charles Has Been At Work I See..
Very Smart Man...
Haven't Had A Chance to Get Much Info...
But What Ive Gathered Is Good...
Read This And Then I'll Explain....:::::

The Vibration Institute (TVI) is an online program designed to educate and entertain. Founded in 2009 by Charles Hamilton, students aren't your traditional students. From young to old, defined to refined, everyone can study and enjoy music with a new set of ears upon graduation.

Courses include Music Philosophy, Urban Music Theory, Pogative Vibrations, Timebrations, Beginner's Sheet Music (as well as advanced and masters), Sonic Sociology and Symphonic Philanthropy.

Music Philosophy (the meaning behind every sound in a song),

Urban Music Theory (basic structure of urban music)

Pogative Vibrations (positive and negative vibrations in a song)

Timebrations (chronological vibrations in a song)

Beginner's Sheet Music (learning to read written music)

Sonic Sociology (music and society, past present and future)

Symphonic Philanthropy (classical music and its uses)

Muligion (faith-based music)

Time Management (accountability for every moment in a song)

Mumatics (math and music)

Mumotions (emotions in and of music)

Cosmusic (music and the stars)

Romusic (love and music)

Crate Causes (sample appreciation)

Musical Mythology (famous characters in song)

***more courses to be announced

We also have sports.

Professors and administration to be announced.

2010 C.F.H.

ok.. SOO...
Hes Starting A College... (Which i WILL have to be in.. lemme know Charles)...
Hes Also Very Smart...
Heres A Few Quote From a Few People.. Close to Charles:

"The Muligion Centers in the campus of TVI make it easier to show love to your higher power through the joy of music. People of different religions can rejoice and praise, sun-in, sun-out, together. We can only thank Charles for something like that..."

*Rev. Scottie Ploverson is the acting pastor at New Melody Church of the Modern Faith.

"When Prof. Hamilton first told me about TVI, I was skeptical at first. He hasn't been known to complete a task, and with the unexplained misexecution of The Hamiltonization Process 2009, I lost a bit of faith. But since the inception of TVI, a lot of hope can be given for his future insight. Man cannot live on talking about getting bread alone. Every word has to mean something important, in every context..."

*Dr. Amrili Boord is a board certified engineer from Saturn-Quadrant: 3.

2010 C.F.H.

ok... i will try to collect more info and will keep the public updated....

Charles We Miss You..


***Going To College**

14 Starchasing Opinions:

Anonymous said...

sounds like promo for a project with courses as the track names

Dragon Outlaw King said...

It's not a school. He's announcing a new project called The Vibration Institute the courses are the track listing. If the blog isnt coming back or isn't back he may be releasing it via myspace.

Crazy Justice said...

Damn its not a college,sound like the 2010 process.I knew it!Liz was right hehe

Dragon Outlaw King said...

Yeah i can see it now. Hamiltonization 2010. I think the blog is gonna come back too.

bfears said...

man! i cant wait. sounds dope. & i hope he brings the blog back!!

Prince said...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5O6HJRW-mw8&feature=related something new from souija boy dissing ch after he got dropped from interscope. nobody new about this. peace

Anonymous said...

@prince thats MAD old u are a loser at the lupend blog and you are one here sucka

Dean Jones said...

I bet the anonymous right before me was Charles Hamilton...

Dean Jones said...

The one that said this...."sounds like promo for a project with courses as the track names"

AHowe303 said...

LMAO "Dr. Amrili Boord"

Im really bored.

Those quotes were made up and Charles is just fuckin with us hahahah but im definitely excited. After winter break, 2010. I can def wait that long. Good lookin out Charles.

prince said...

anonmous is if ever know who you are your dead. anonymous look at you you been a sucka you bithc and you stocker. go get a lfie bitch

Anonymous said...

at prince if you know who i was you are gonna kill me ha like i said what a loser you fucking pussy
you are fucking e thug

Anonymous said...

and to dean jones no im not ch but back to princess learn how to spell bitch

Anonymous said...

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