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Monday, December 28, 2009

"Best Blogger Alive"!!!

"'You Ain't That Popular!' I Know
Who Give A Damn What A Hater Got To Say But Haters Got A Way
To Make You Tolerate It For aBout a Day"


Now When You Google "Charles Hamilton"
My Blog Comes Up Number 8 ON PAGE 1!!!!!
yo thats pretty dope!!!
alot of things starting to turn well
the Homie B/A used my cover,
I Got 105 followers on THIS blog
i got over 67000 views since September!!(maybe August)
the blog is ONLY getting better lol...
hopefully i'll get a Belated CHristmas gift still from Charles Hamilton,
that iPod couldnt go to better hands man, or more appreciative 1s either!!
so Charles when you read this, know i'm still checking my email every 5 minutes,
in wishful thinking that i'll see an email from NoInfo@NewCoMusic.com
or whoever will send it saying i won!!!! :D
and as everyone else know NORMALCY normalcy NoRmAlCy TODAY!!!!
im SOO not going to bed till it drops, or we find out its not
(which i dont think will happen this time)
so until then go check out


**I Want To Be The Modern Day Mexican Carlton Banks, I Can Be UMMMM actually
"I Don't Know What HisName Translates To In Beaner"(local jerk quote), so
We'll Stick With the Mexican Carlton Banks!!**

until later on today

this has been NOT fun, and its FRKKN hot inside and cold outside, and weather isnt making sense...

so ummm


(as if)

5 Starchasing Opinions:

Storm Watkins said...

Whats up Chris? Yesterday I Digitally Remastered "The Pink Lavalamp" and I thought it would be cool 2 post it on da blog!!! Hit me back or on twitter @StormWatkins........

Kareem/Broski said...

Ayo Chris whats good bro. Any word on if CH is dropping Normalcy today??? And also do you know if 20Hamli10 will be anything like or close to the Hamiltionization Process 08?? Just curious.

Storm Watkins said...

Normalcy is dropping today!!! Look at charles twitter......

Kareem/Broski said...

Word thanks Storm.

Anonymous said...

what you talking about man... this blog comes up second to charles' myspace when i google 'charles hamilton'

WiCH Staff