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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Coincidence?(Air Agains)

as you all know,
i made a blog post last night explaining my thought of Air Against,
and how i thought(all by myself might i add) about Air Against being Arrogance or what ever,
and to come to find out Charles CHANGES the title to Air Agains to make it EVEN more like Arrogance..
do you think it had to do with the blog post at all? lol
i know not a good chance it was, but eh its nice to think it HA!...

and we all seen the updates on his myspace right?

the blog may be coming back!!!,
so 2010 is about to be some shit!!!...
CH doing big things

and with that said, i will leave you all and resume the chats, or w\e in my chat box..
so yea WhereisCharlesHamilton.blogspot.com BICH(bitch)!!

**Arrogant as the bars in Air Agains but still not Normal enough for Normalcy, this is the situation we(i) are(am) in... and as the current happens the current happens(i use that too much on here and in real life lmao)[and i know i know im still not a blogger yet i write hella posts, that are pretty long like 1**

1 Starchasing Opinions:

dustin swift said...

chris u OD'n over here dude. that would be cool if charles said something either about u or this site when his blog is back i mean there is a good chance. u know he has gotta look at this shit i mean if someone created whereisdustinswift i dont care how famous or how much music i am making i would still check it out ya dig

he is going to be like you niggas should have listened to chrisdot and dustin swift the whole time. they know what they are talking about and got this whole disappearance figured out hahaha

WiCH Staff