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Friday, December 11, 2009

I Use Deep Thoughts To Keep The

Woot, Monday will be epic i suppose,
got in contact with an old friend,(yall dont know her, but we aint talk for like 5 months..)
i finished the Air Agains cover...
there is a concept to the Cover, but i dont know it yet lmao
so yea here it is Peep it...

i know its not my best, but eh its more than there was Before
which was nothing


9 Starchasing Opinions:

Mikey SpAdez said...

haha never seen this dude with short hair his shit usually look like some rastafarian shit lmao

but wuss good CH I see u back good looks, now all you need to do is put more FIYAH OUT!!!!

localjerk063 said...

^i love it when people type in slurred ebonics!!! don't you?

and chris, that is the best cover that you've done. you did a damn good job on that.

oh wait, i was gonna do that in slurred ebonics...


ayo chrizziss, cover iz str8 up illy!! Thass is da most fiyaest shit you DONE, huge props fo dis shit here DO ya thing HOMIE. ONEhunned.


dustin swift said...

damn those BBDD's are OD

Julian Rucker said...

here checkit a album cover i made for charles http://s81.photobucket.com/albums/j224/j3053/?action=view&current=sonic.jpg
oh yeah here's the link to my blog to see some of my other work julian.rucker.blogspot.com

Julian Rucker said...

opps wrong link http://julianrucker.blogspot.com/

Viggie24 said...

julian that cover is dope

Julian Rucker said...

thanks I was trying to show it to charles but I don't know how to contact him so I posted it her

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry, but that cover is so GAY... call me a hater if u can, but i can't accept that shit.

thank shit makes me laugh, i'm sorry but LMMFAO.

i love charles hamilton, but that cover is fuckin gay, lomfl.

Julian Rucker said...

its cool dude i can understand your opinion

WiCH Staff