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Thursday, December 24, 2009

"I'm Sure I Should Start the 'Blog' Off n Say Something Cool Like YEA"


This Should Explain The Title in a Sense

"I Can't Even Verbalize How Good I Feel Right Now"

lol alright

well this Blog post is LONG over due, but I felt like now'd be a good time

but this whole post is dedicate to my long time, Beautiful friend Kela!!
as most of you know her blog is Http://HelloKela.Blogspot.Com
it'd really mean alot to me(and itd be a nice thing to do around the Holiday Season)
but Kela is DOPE son lol, she really is, shes funny, smart(in college), beautiful,
and im lucky to know her and have her as a friend....
and hopefully, you all will get to know her a bit from her blog,
just be nice to her >_<...
and expect to hear\see alot more about her!!!
and i wanted to publicly(kinda) wish her a Merry Christmas
and wish you all a Merry Christmas
and for everybody to be safe entering the new year
Normalcy Coming Soon(tomorrow?)
Biego Ego Coming Tomorrow
and CHARLES if and when you read this, put in a good word for me to get that ipod,
like im pretty sure(im pretty suure im pretty suuure)
{track 6 on American Gangster 2) that
i want it more than any 1 else in this galaxy
but eh i could be wrong, any1 doubt me? haha

**Alot Of Shit Doesn't Make Sense But I Feel Like I Rule The World I'm Pretty Sure I'm Pretty Sure I'm Pretty Sure**

"I Got a Thing Got a Thing For Dem Danity Kane Girls Not Really But Danity Kane GIrls
Sounds Hott Danity Kane Girls Danity Danity Danity Kane Girls"

2 Starchasing Opinions:

Ashante Lott said...

Kela's cool!

P.S i dont think Normalcy is dropping til 2010
*hints* 20hamil10

JOSH BRITT said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOL...i seen Kela pic when i first came in here..u know the first thing i said...

"DAMN, WHO IS THAT?!!!?!?!?!"


WiCH Staff