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Thursday, December 24, 2009


(Click the Cover or First Paragraph for the download link)

dope ass song, and since im figuring the wait of Normalcy won't die till tomorrow
i figure i'll feed the fiend feeling that Charles Hamiltons music leaves you with
ummm TVI The Mixtape coming Valentines Day!

for now, you can find me at HelloKela.blogspot.com !!
chillin, making funny faces

lmao FUNNY FACES!! woot woot, at 5:30 AM C\T

so Merry Christmas EVERYBODY, including the haters, i know theres
a few out there...enjoy the track, and expect the rest of the music within the next
2 months,but today and tomorrow Biego Ego and Normalcy!! so for now Peace!

"Peace Love and RESPECT NIG-UHH"-Kela =)


8 Starchasing Opinions:

Anonymous said...

Man your wack for relasing it on Valentines day come on man just release it now.

AHowe303 said...

thats the best cover i've seen u do, great work. but i also agree valentines day is a lil too long....

ChrisdotRivera said...

lmao thanks alot AHowe,
but i got a demevolist tape in January ima put out
just didnt wanna put this tape out,
n be overshadowed by Normalcy and Biego Ego,
and i personally wanted to spectate on Mr. Hamiltons return, instead of intertwine with it,
so ima just lay low, n do a bit of updating posts, and maybe some suprises till feb, but i aint goin nowhere!! lmao

and yp

i swear

any1 who gets that ipod,

ill give my left nut for it...
or a kidney or something

my iphione, computer, BBDD W|E lmao... just saying...

Hello Kela said...

lol..haha i love how you included me in this. haha i love you and i MISS YOU SO MUCH

bfears said...

i think its redundant for me to keep commenting on how dope ur artwork is! but nevertheless its dope. just like this track! thanks!

Kal said...

The cover is def dope fam and good looks on sense ability. Oh and I already won the ipod so sucks for ya hahaha
*in my dreams not reality, dont mind me as i go back to listenin to sense ability*

Rob said...

this song is fucking CRACK! this song is toooo dope 4 real

Prince said...

yo chris can i get the instrumental beat from this song. and from show tufli's one for show. cause really need it.peace and nice twitter.com

WiCH Staff