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Saturday, January 02, 2010


Does this mean what i think it does??

Charles Hamilton: In My Own Words

So I have been selectively quiet in recent times, much to the (insert emotion here) of many. I can take this time now to be oblivious, or obvious when speaking about the time we’ve spent apart. I think I’ll write this like a 5th grade summer report.

I spent time growing up.

Blog entries were once my form of purging. Verbally, I’m a polemic white girl, and my emotions come out with every “create post” click. After a while, Eric Schmidt didn’t seem so deserving to get frequent updates on how I feel (the Google CEO, who also runs Blogger), despite the fact that my thousands of readers, do. Twitter isn’t exactly deserving of second-by-second updates either. Yeah world, it is as simple as, everything you need to know about me is in the music.
I wasn’t dropped, so much as I was escorted very gently into the Superintendent’s office with a pending expulsion from high school. I knew I had violated the student’s rights of others, but what can I say? I am the John Cutter of this institution of hip-hop (Breakfast Club anyone?). Such repercussions can never quell my desire to be the musician, rivaled only by the greatness of Georg Solti, John Williams and Quincy Jones. Really wanted a Grammy.

Some things got clarified quickly, and because of the nature of such clarification, I am not at will to speak on the status. So some questions will go unanswered for good. I am enjoying the fact that privacy is a right and a privilege that I can enjoy. Perhaps my lack of value for my privacy is what lead me to blog to begin with.

Well fret not, galaxy. Though a sharp decrease in mixtapes and albums will be noted, everything I have to say and deem necessary to share will come out in the music. Don’t ask about my current distribution situation. Just know I am here to hear and be heard. I thank family for being there for me, Karen for being the only (out of zillions of) blogger to have the proper outlet for me to speak, and everyone who found solice in my solstice.

Charles Hamilton
Coyote August Rush
Prof. Hamilton
MF Bunny
Sonic the Hamilton
Big Bad Beat Ill Bored

or is he saying
that the big vacation he was on, is noted and over, and that things WILL return too normal?? if so that is GREAT,
but i dont get a good feeling reading that soooo
yea lets all pray CH will be back to Normal Internet Expectation(N.I.E)
and that he keeps in touch with everyone, cause Its More Than Music,
so keep that on mind if your reading this Charles...
and i still want that iPod **sighs** WISHFUL fkkn Thinking eh?

**the sizing of the margin on the left is ANNOYING the living hell out of me, and i may have to find a way to fix it at 1 AM, **

i got it off your blog Melvin, obviously its THE ONLY WAY TO GET THROUGH TO YOU
so yea get at me

28 Starchasing Opinions:

AHowe303 said...

And where the fuck did u read this...?

ChrisdotRivera said...


Karen Civil shit kiddo,
you aint on it??

AHowe303 said...

1. do not call me kiddo, you are the same age as i.
2. who the fuck is karen civil?
3. obviously i aint on it.

AHowe303 said...

btw i believe it was john bender not john cutter in the breakfast club...maybe charles is sending a subliminal there: cutter/bender..?

also very odd choice of words: "polemic white girl" but he kinda hit the nail on the head LOL..

ChrisdotRivera said...

what you think hes saying though??

is he saying he WONT release music, and NO more blog??
cause what is Charles w\o that...

and Karen Civil is big in the music biz, **sighs** i would expect u to be on it, but then again, expectations arent very high when it comes to you now are they ahowe

AHowe303 said...

well looking at it it's really just a long over-due and weak attempt at an apology letter, he doesnt say it outright, in fact he beats around the bush thru damn near the whole thing.

basically he will continue 2 release music, although it will be nothing of the quantity we were all treated to with 'the hamiltonization process 08', he wants his privacy, and the waiting game continues.


ChrisdotRivera said...


if thats what it means
thats poo poo

AHowe303 said...

and for the record, my music knowledge>>>>>>>>>>your music knowledge. and it is not 2 be fucked with. i may not kno every blog on the planet but i do kno more than u, and thats a fact.

ChrisdotRivera said...


i know more about what matters than you do,

and im pretty sure my musical knowledge>>yours kiddo,

but eh whatever, keep thinking what you feel, ill just keep replying to the ppl in my email\twitter :D

AHowe303 said...

'i gotta rhyme, u gotta rhyme, but my rhyme is better than yours' riddle me the legendary mc that spit that.

ChrisdotRivera said...

this isnt whos line is it anyway

sit your ass down

but u know so much

whos line is this

"Ya Boy Got a Gift But Dont Got a Receipt So When You Hear My Name You Know Not To Speak Nigga"

and check it check it,
"These 2 Lil Kids Keep RIdin My Nuts But Little DO THey Know They Can Get Collumbined Up"

AHowe303 said...

it was common. an easy one if you've ever listened 2 one legendary album known as resurrection. u are from the chi after all, correct?

n since u didnt answer i wont either but will leave u w/ another

'baby i can make u see more hearts than ed hardy. invitation 2 my crib, i got a bed party, n im the dj, n i make u say go dj.'

should be obv

ChrisdotRivera said...


im not playing your game A HOE

the other line shoulda been obvious

FDA u fucking dumb ass

and i dont fuck w\ common like that,
John Legend>Common

AHowe303 said...

LMAO that was fuckin WAYNE. DUMBASS.

u cant say legend is > than common, 2 completely different genre's of music. so...


ChrisdotRivera said...

i know who it was,
as i know who the other 1 was
i just won't participate in your GAMES

you mad?

youz a hoe(aHowe)
how does it feel to have Ludacris have a song about you??

and Charles compares himself to Composers, so gtfoh with your BULLSHIT MADE UP RULES

AHowe303 said...

what is production...? the direction of music..yea...somethin like that. faggot.

im done with your lil chubby pussy faggot ass.

ChrisdotRivera said...


thats why you followed me around the web (Mr Hamilton but Backwards notlimaH .rM and you was nutting yourself)...

but your mad huh??

lmao, damn homie, sticks n stones much?
Sensitivity should only be a setting in my iphone u fagget

AHowe303 said...

uh no, nothin sensitive about me at all, u can say all the fuckin names in the world, i do not give 2 shits what u say, it's the fucking internet. LOL.

im done with u simply because you're a hard headed, manic-depressive, ignornant stan with no life. thats the truth. n u just need 2 accept it. you're bound 2 become suicidal at some point in your life 2. i guarantee it. lol

AHowe303 said...

Also 4 the record, john cutter is a character played by wesley snipes in a different movie, 4 the reference of other starchasers.

Anonymous said...


Between the two of you, I'd have bets on AH on terms of 'music knowledge'.. let me reiterate and stress BETWEEN THE TWO OF YOU.

Why? Well, for one.. the kid that runs this here blog (which for record, has come aways and looks nice compared to the summer days of 09) thinks Tila Tequila is better than Jay-Z and.. someone else.. I forget.. either way.. Tila is just as bad as brokencyde (just YouTube or Google them if you're lucky enough to have never heard what they think is music).. horrid.

That being said. You both quote and discuss nothing but rap/hip-hop and some r&b. Study up on jazz, rock (and its evolution from the classics to the newer-age alternative sound), classical orchestra, even some gospel.. there's tons more music than what I guarantee the limited stuff you both listen to and/or follow.

Sticking just with rap/hip-hop though.. I don't think I've ever heard either of you mention Lupe Fiasco. Poll top rappers/hip-hop artists and producers.. You'll find there's a strong case for a consensus of Lupe leading with the most meaningful and fulfilling lyrics.

ANYWAY. Props to Rivera for posting this.. cause many people may not have heard this til it got around and around and eventually reached their eyes via some 12th or so source.
AND. 20Hamil10. Have faith. All CH is doing is embracing what he's learned during his break, his privacy, and appreciating all those that have stuck with him.
REMEMBER. Quality > Quantity. I don't know about everyone else.. but Normalcy is fire. I love every second.

Slickyaboi said...

Yeah...chill guys. Lupe owns. "Pennies from heaven is the same as the semi from the 2nd/ and I rain supreme/ turn your umbrellas upside down/ did you even catch the changing theme?/"

A Lupe/CH collabo would be...grammy anyone? lol

And Normalcy is beast. have patience. Or just listen to his old stuff as you wait.

*plays 'well isn't this awkward'*

localjerk063 said...

i know you crave the attention, but all the phony stuff???

in short, i'm not buying it.

AHowe303 said...

I actually do like some jazz and rock was actually my first favorite, i got into rap after eminem (though my first fav rap song was jay-z - hard knock life-same as asher ironically)

n LOL Lupe is my boy, I couldn't wait for Enemy of the State and Lasers is gonna be one of the best albums of 2010 hands down.

PS, Lu killed All The Way Turnt Up and Fireman.

thesikone said...

If you want him to have a positive successful career than you better hope he isn't the same CH

ethanpacket@rocket said...

ahowe and chris, c'mon, be nice ha

we're all starchasers here

who cares who knows what, we all love music, thats all that matters to me . . .

i mean some of us gravitate to different music, i mean even charles' has certain genre categories in projects/ songs. . .

i mean i used to USED TO listen to the offspring and Thrice and Incubus, so i appreciate his artistic manner in bringing rock sampled into hip hop/ or rap music. but again if you relate back to the 5-10 years old era where daddy still played his jazz 33's on the record player before you barely get a letter from him, then you'd enjoy the trumpet samples. John Coltrane, maybe even Tom Brocks soul in Pleasant Overthinnking, and some Hank Crawford here and there (drive slow sample) saxophone, violin, trumpet, drums / beat machine, its all instruments, voice. . . its all music, they are all musicians, now hip hip, Lupe is beast, he spoke from the heart, common, now, what makes EMO? cause i gravitate towards people that speak from the heart and not from the pocket, or from the crackhouse. point . . . whether it be Lee Fields and The Expressions, Brokencydes horrible ass music, or some finely knitted Charles Hamilton, titled as Laptop Therapy, well its all music, just pick what YOU wanna engulf yourself with .. .

with that said. . im out

**checks email almost bodily function-esque, such as chrisdot. . .**


Brian Buckley said...

i gave up reading that mini beef after 5 posts. anywayz back to the original post... well that sucks monkey cock

NinjaKingRevival said...

I'm depressed now...

Anonymous said...

chris does not have any musical knowledge at all he is just a delousional little kid that is obsessed with ch,i mean he thinks tila is better than jay z for goodness sake wtf is wrong with you plus he think all 600 ch is perfect smh i love ch but no and about of other idiotic ideals he needs to grow up and actually learn about music

WiCH Staff