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Friday, January 01, 2010

Charles Hamilton is Back??

(im sooo thinking of Flipping this image into a cover IDK its ILL though)

ok now that we have Normalcy what do we do??
New Show Tomorrow so hopefully that ACTUALLY gets released
his New Album Reverse Psychology, should be REALLY NICE
production from Woody and CH and a 'Few Guest Surprise Producers'
Normalcy is still banging through my speakers

**We Up In This Mini Van Bout To Take a Trip To The OtherSide Bout To Take a Trip To The Other Side, We Bout To Waalk er RUN er Just FLip To The Other Side, Just Do a Kick Flip to The Other Side**
August Rush plays,
but i kinda though after Normalcy was Released and 20hamil10 is OFFICIALLY here
itd be MORE of the presence of CH n what not, but hopefully its just too early
and im too eager 'Bananas no homo Bananas'
so HOPEFULLY we will get NEW Show Tufli tomorrow,
and CH returns back FULLY, CharlesHamilton.blogspot.com type ish!!..
but until then ill let u get back too Normalcy n So Will I!
****still checks email every 10 minutes in hopes of winning the iPod****


**70,000 views before the New Years>>>> Thank You All!!**

btw, i just hear @ComplextheMC new Mixtape 'Beats and a Bape'
and i just want to tell you all
that this kid got SKILLS, y'all here it the 15th of January i believe
ill make sure he dont mess up his release date ;)

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