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Friday, June 25, 2010

New CH Freestyle! lol

Man f*ck these drivers.
I'll hop out and straight gut these drivers.
Not the laptop either.
Yup. THESE drivers.
Here I am writing this yuppie fire.
My son is gone.
Therefore my sun is gone.
And my gun is drawn.
Summer long? Angry till the summer storms form.
Punished for?
Being a good dad?
My very own being from me can't look bavck?
He used to get high like "look, dad!"
Now I all I have is his bookbag.
He only took naps.
Y'all took his life.
You can't gekko/Geico reincarnation.
So what in tarnation makes you blatant Satan worhsippin patrons anywhere near safe from the wrath of a father woh's gift is now a year late?
N1gga father's day is gone.
So is Alex.
Can't hold the balance.
Can't make this up either.
F*ck ether.
Here's a truck to your 2+ seater.
Cut the speakers playin Zepplin on repeat.
My wife sweatin diesel before I step into the streets.
Charles thank you for being a vessel for me to speak.
Never let him go. He was special and unique.
Similar definition. Accept it cuz I'm weak.
For right now at least.
Lights down in my Jeep.
Ridin around lookin like a scene from Boyz in the Hood.
Smokin poison while my boy is in a good place.
What religion now?
Who's being civil now?
Can I get around without a reminder to get around with?
Let me fight God now. Yeah. Get a round.
When he swings His fist to pound, I will hit the ground.
God is a woman. I sound like an idiot now.
Really. Like how could such a sensitive creature take the living of a child?
My knee jerk is to piss in the Nile.
I'll finish this later. Let divinity finish it now.

=Sega Hamilton


Blog Bleeding coming as Soon as Charles Drops the first Single off of SegaHamilton.blogspot.com

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