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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rumor Mill Part 2(as seen on All Hip Hop


Before I push this out there, I want to say that I cannot co-sign this letter, but it sure is strange. There’s rumor material in there as well. Something about it seems to have some merit, even though I cannot say it does. Its weird to say the least, this person’s alleged interaction with Charles Hamilton. Read it and tell me.

Open Letter to Charles Hamilton

I am withholding my name and my role in the music industry because the intent of this letter is not rooted in self promotion or promotion for the artists I work with. Nor is the intent of this letter intended to disparage or humiliate Charles Hamilton. More than anything, I have to write this letter for my own repentance and as a plea for someone to help that young man. Last night I was in NY for an event, and as I was coming out of my hotel waiting on the artist I manage. A young man wearing what looked like a Minnesota Vikings Jersey approached me asking for money and if I knew how to get to the ferry. At first glance I was pretty positive I knew who the young man was, so I asked him his name to be sure. He replied, “Charles,” I cut him off and said, “Charles Hamilton?” he said “yeah” and I shook his hand. I was immediately taken aback because he looked either under the influence of something lethal, or he was mentally very unwell. I immediately felt bad. A while ago, Charles Hamilton had made some pretty outrageous remarks about Sonic the Hedgehog being the basis of his religion or something like that and as a Christian it angered me so much that I told myself when I saw him, I might want to physically harm him. (Perhaps a contradiction, but I am defensive about my savior being compared to a video game character forgive me.)

Later, Charles claimed that he had a mix tape executive produced by my favorite producer of all time, J-DILLA. The only problem with that is that Dilla has been deceased and this just came off as being totally disrespectful. In addition to that, when Charles Hamilton emerged as an artist he had a similar backstory as another artist that I currently manage and mentor. So in some ways Charles was achieving what I had been working so hard to obtain for my artists and honestly I was angry, and somewhat jealous, because I didn’t feel that he was as talented as my artist. So we set out to diss him and put together a campaign to humiliate Charles. We studied him, his interviews, etc, we did everything we could to disparage him, but never did we think anything might have really been wrong with him. We thought he was playing a character or perhaps acting and saying erratic things to stay relevant. (a common occurrence in the industry) After seeing him last night, I want to sincerely apologize, I have no idea what that dude was or is going through, but it clearly is severe and I am begging whomever is around him, his family, someone to please help that dude. I hope I am wrong, maybe he was just having a realllllly bad day, but I doubt it, I think there is something seriously wrong. Seeing Charles last night made me really realize that you never know what someone is going through and its easy for us to attack people, especially in this age of the internet where people can sit behind a screen, make judgments and make comments about people without any fear of ever seeing that individual eye to eye. I want to apologize to Charles. Last night, I did offer to allow him to ride in my cab, I allowed him to use my cell phone to make a phone call. I felt bad that I didn’t have any cash to help him where he was trying to go. The whole experience really put in perspective for me how incredibly vicious this industry can be. I encourage any fans reading this to take a second to rethink dissing even the artist you dislike. You have no idea where they may be coming from or what is driving or influencing their art. One year ago I didn’t have the position I have now in the industry and didn’t understand the pressures as I do now. This game will spit you up and chew you out. I exhausted a ton of negative energy regarding a young man I didn't even know. Again. Charles I apologize and wish you the best.


HITCHHIKER LADY, WE LOVE YOU!!! (Don't do that, kids.)



that taken from the website i took it from

CHARLES are you ok? i got transportation dough and a cell if you need to come kick it in Chicago...

but nah i know you GOOD right?

any hardships you're going through at this point are brought upon by yourself eh?




i have NO clu what's going on with that

maybe i should call Headquarters LOL

but ummmm

besides that

JAY from my comments

YES the mixtape is no words

just lyrics n instrumentals

gotta respect the art at all costs homie...

don't be mad at the new style of mixtape it's all gravy in a dish


4 Starchasing Opinions:

Shango Zeropoint a.k.a SiLL¥ SoFR3SH said...

i read this and i was kind of speechless i ain't know what to think, where in the world is charles hamiltonago?(lame joke)

zEE hazE said...

hope all is well Charles.

DJBLACK said...

fuck this person. if we're on the same boat you get me.

Anonymous said...

Illuminati!!! That's who's doing this to him! This is what they did to Michael Jackson not so long ago!! Fuck them niggas yoo they ruin every good thing. In the words of KiD CuDi, "Where will YOU be for the Revolution?"

WiCH Staff